Kim Kardashian Called Tyson Beckford Gay in Instagram Clapback

Kim Kardashian is having one hell of a week—and it’s only Wednesday. Kim took shots at model Tyson Beckford on The Shade Room‘s Instagram account after Beckford said that Kim’s body looked lopsided in a photo posted on the account.

“Sorry I don’t care for [Kim] personally,” Beckford wrote. “She is not real, doctor f—d up on her right hip.”

Understandably, Kim clapped back.

“Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,” she wrote, going for the low blow. People in Kim’s camp are shaming Beckford for using his male privilege to comment on and criticize a woman’s body.

A wide majority of people, though, are saying that Kim’s comments were homophobic.

“Kim Kardashian’s response was rooted in slick homophobia. Women love using ‘gay’ to emasculate men but all they really do is out themselves as fake-ass ‘allies’,” wrote one person.

Earlier this week, Kim received an outpouring of backlash for an Instagram story she posted, where her sister Khloe called her “anorexic”. Kim eats up the comments, and calls them “compliments” on video.

Obviously, Kim has a huge following made up of many young women (and men) who suffer from a range of body image disorders and issues. Given her clout and range of influence, a more thoughtful approach to social media might be in order.

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