I Hate Kitschy T-Shirts But I Need This One Desperately

We’ve all seen the ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ Dior t-shirts, and I’ve stood in line a couple times for a Supreme t-shirt. The streetwear obsession with t-shirts fades in and out, but they’re often too expensive and the phrases are too “right now,” so more often than not, by next summer you won’t even remember why you were so obsessed with that phrase in the first place.

But if I’m going to buy a t-shirt, I do trust Alexa Chung since she is basically a walking cool factor—she always looks great, not too perfectly put together and every time I see even photos of her just grabbing a coffee I think, “why didn’t I already put that outfit together?” To no surprise her clothing line is no different. She cites Jane Birkin and David Bowie as inspiration for pieces, but everything has careful attention to details and a hint of personality that’s sure to get likes on Instagram.

Even something as simple as this t-shirt with the word ‘hardcore’ screen-printed on it has that it-factor. At only $100, the choice of wording itself is cool without trying too hard, the material soft cotton, and its cut slim so it can be worn with anything from mini-skirts like she would to high-waisted jeans.


Hardcore slogan T-shirt - women - Cotton - XS - White



HardCore slogan T-shirt - women - Cotton - M - Black


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