KITH Is Bringing Beauty To Hypebeasts

It seems like KITH is dead-set on diverging from its streetwear fashion style into a new venture: beauty. Coming right after their recent collaboration project with the ever-iconic Estee Lauder, KITH announced that they’re only delving deeper into the world of beauty with their latest program, Beauty Quickstrikes.


Tying in their hypebeast aesthetic into the world of cosmetics and wellness, Beauty Quickstrikes is geared to highlight the hottest beauty products of the moment. Starting today, KITH will feature a hand-selected group of brands tied to a unique theme each month. To kick off the new program, the theme for this month is (drumroll please): Ingestibles.


You Can Now Grab The Most Hyped Beauty Products At KITH 2



Rather than focusing on crafting a new face with contour palettes and foundation, KITH wants you to celebrate “beauty from within.” What does that entail? Sleep aides, complexion boosters, and other forms of ingestible beauty products from hypebeast-approved brands like The Nue Co, Moon Juice, and more.


To check out the latest curation from KITH’s Beauty Quickstrikes Program, head to one of their stores or their website. Take a look at some of our favorites, below.



Defense Drops



Matcha Crushes



Sex Dust


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