Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima Break Up After 2 Years

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have broken up after 2 years together, Us Weekly reports. The 39-year-old Kardashian and mother of three was apparently the one who wanted to call it quits on the relationship.

According to photos obtained by TMZ, Bendjima, 26, has escaped to Mexico with a famous Hooters bartender named Jordan Ozuna.  Ozuna has allegedly dated Tyga and Justin Bieber in the past, but now she’s in the clutches of Bendjima. If these pictures were a movie, then they would depict the scene where the mirrors fog before the characters enter into the throes of passion.

The fact that Bendjima was able to instantly rebound after his break-up with Kourtney points to two possible facts: 1. He never really cared about Kourt in the first place, which is highly plausible, given the rate at which celebrities are breaking up and getting engaged during this horny summer of love.

2. He is an emotionless sociopath who dated her for fame. Also highly plausible, but less likely given the fact that he had previously dated famous models like Jourdan Dunn, before getting with our girl Kourt.

The two met in 2016 after Paris Fashion Week, and have been dating ever since. It wasn’t until July 2018 that things started to (apparently) sour. Bendjima called Kourtney out in the comments section for being, for a lack of better words, a thirst trap.

don’t be shady, be a lady☀️

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“Thats what you need to show to get likes?,” Younes commented.

A source told Us that he was only joking, “[but] it wasn’t perceived well on Instagram.” People who didn’t really get the joke attacked Younes for being sexist.  

“He doesn’t realize that making a joke could be perceived as something totally different or negative,” the source explained.

Apparently, his jokes did not land with the Kardashians.

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