Want Kylie Jenner’s Glowing Skin? Grab These Oils

Have you ever wanted to manifest the Amazonian glow of a KarJenner? Of course you have, and they know that. Well, blessed be the day, because Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian have released an entire four-minute video revealing all of their essential beauty tips so us mere mortals can, at the very best, try to recreate their perfectly polished complexions.


In celebration of the pair’s lates collaboration for Kylie Cosmetics, the sisters sat in satin pink robes and nonchalantly discussed whether they’d rather go bald, Khloé’s youthful hands, and the older sister’s affinity for “Venti 7-pump no water chai lattes”—you know, the usual. One essential lesson we learned from the clip: Follow Kylie’s lead and grab your body oils from Amazon.


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Jenner gushed about her love for her post-shower body oils, which she openly admitted she bought from Amazon. Her favorites: almond, olive, and jojoba (which, by the way, is pronounced ho-ho-bah, not joe-joe-ba, as Kylie clarified).


While she didn’t clarify exactly which brand of oils she bought, we can only assume she bought the best-sellers. Below, check out some of Amazon’s top-rated organic body oils to glow like everyone’s favorite beauty billionaire.


Sky Organics

Best Sweet Almond Oil



USDA Certified Organic Olive Oil


Mother Nature Organics

USDA Organic Jojoba Oil



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