Kylie Jenner will be Love‘s newest cover star, the magazine announced via Instagram on Monday.

The Love advent calendar has been the highlight of the holiday season, from Hailey Baldwin working out in white lingerie and pigtails to the Muppets’ short fashion film, and now they’ve given us one more holiday gift.

Love announced Kylie Jenner (supposedly five months pregnant) as their newest cover star via Instagram on Monday. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner was interviewed by her mother Kris and photographed by Kendall for the publication’s Spring/Summer 2018 issue. Literally everyone in the world is waiting on Kylie to confirm her pregnancy any day now, and Love’s announcement just added a little fuel to the fire.

The Instagram announcement includes a quote from Kylie. “I was just trying to keep up with myself. All businesses, every company, makes little mistakes here and there. Growing it in front of so many people all of a sudden was kind of hard.” The magazine will celebrate the “women and girls of 2018,” which, considering what the last year has meant for women, seems like the best theme we could ask for.

The youngest Jenner has mostly been out of the spotlight the last few months, and fans thought that this might be a baby-related announcement considering Khloé Kardashian just announced her pregnancy. But Love’s cover image was once again a pretty good (but also beautifully done) tease — an extreme close-up of Kylie in a red turtleneck and matching red lip staring up at the camera.

In the meantime, Kris is being a proud mom on Instagram. “Kendall!!! I’m blown away you shot this gorgeous picture of your sister for Love Magazine!!! You look stunning Kylie!!!! So proud of you both ❤️.”

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