Is Kylie Jenner No Longer The Queen Of Cosmetics?

Not too long ago, Kylie Jenner changed the beauty industry forever by crafting her namesake brand, Kylie Cosmetics. What followed in the next four years was unpredictable, to say the least. The youngest Kar-Jenner’s beauty empire now extends far beyond her initial lip kits; she was deemed the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, and other major celebrities followed suit in hopes to create a beauty line just as successful as Kylie’s (cc: Rihanna, Lady Gaga). 


But now, could Kylie’s reign on the beauty industry be coming to an end?


According to reports from Hypebae, sales at Kylie Cosmetics have drastically dropped by 14 percent within five months. How could this be? Hypebae notes that it could be due to the quality of the brand itself. More than half of Kylie Cosmetics’ consumers were one-time shoppers who didn’t come back to buy more of the products, and according to the New York Post, customers have been complaining about customer service (or lack thereof), no refunds or returns, order mix-ups, and product quality issues.


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To make matters more complicated, Kylie might not be the sole owner of her cosmetics brand soon. She’s been in talks with Coty Inc.—the beauty conglomerate that owns CoverGirl, OPI, Rimmel London, and more—to sell a majority stake in her company for $600 million, but nothing has been confirmed.


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