Kylie Jenner Now Wants Control Of Your Eyebrows

It was only a matter of time. Kylie Cosmetics is moving to yet another new makeup realm: eyebrows.


Remarkably, her name perfectly integrates with almost every product, and “kybrows” is no different. Whether we can expect an eyebrow pencil or gel (or combo of the two, à la Kylie Cosmetics’ lip kits), is still unclear, but this latest addition is bound to throw fans of the brand into a frenzy.


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K Y B R O W S coming 4/29 @kyliecosmetics

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In her first promotion shot, Jenner is in full close-up, stretching her perfectly arched and blended brows with faux face-lift precision. The new offering will allegedly be available to purchase next Monday, and if the launch resembles any of Jenner’s prior releases, you’re going to want to get in quick.

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