What Would Kylie Jenner Smell Like?

She’s taken over your lips, eyebrows, and skin, but Kylie Jenner’s reign on your body is far from over. Now, she’s coming after the way you smell.


The Blast reports that the youngest Kar-Jenner has filed a trademark under her successful Kylie Cosmetics brand for fragrances and perfumes. Though we almost had a whiff of a Ky-approved fragrance via her postponed “Kylie Jenner for KKW Fragrance” (which was put on indefinite hiatus due to the lip-shaped bottles failing to pass durability tests), this time we may finally get what we’ve all been asking for: a way to not only look like her, but to smell like her.


But what would a Kylie fragrance encompass? The salty beaches of Calabasas, mixed with aromas of coconut? A spritz infused with specks of glitter to give us that “hot girl summer” glow? A lip-shaped bottle that will actually be stable enough to withstand wear and tear?


Because she is a giving queen, Jenner isn’t stopping at fragrances. The Blast reports she also filed trademarks for a full nail collection, including “nail polish, nail polish remover, nail strengtheners, and nail care preparations,” as well as “artificial fingernail care preparations, artificial fingernails, and adhesives for attaching artificial fingernails.”

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