Kylie Jenner Just Became the World’s Most Valuable Instagram Celebrity

In the realm of “mildly surprising” news, Kylie Jenner was just named the most valuable Instagram celebrity by D’Marie Analytics, a social media insights firm. Why is this mildly surprising? Kylie’s picture of Baby Stormi became the most-liked Instagram photo of all time with 13.8 million likes and counting. But what you probably don’t know is that Kylie’s Instagram posts go for $1 million per post.

For every sponsored Instagram post, tweet, or Snapchat story that the 20-year-old posts, it’s worth the equivalent of $1 million in traditional advertising. The role of “highest-valued influencer currently on social media today” — as the analytics firm refers to it — was previously held by Beyoncé.

“Kylie is an undeniable global brand, which may make some roll their eyes,” D’Marie Analytics’ CEO, Frank Spadafora, said in a press release. “But the reality is this young, female entrepreneur’s savvy helped her reach a milestone in the influencer marketing and advertising industry which many seasoned professionals have failed to achieve.”

Kylie Jenner currently has 108 million Instagram followers, which is actually less than Beyoncé’s 116 million, but Kylie’s recent social media activity after the birth of her baby is likely what’s spiked her audience reach. D’Marie also reports that the young celeb gains 25,530 new followers per day across her social media channels (can you…even imagine?)  

“Influencer valuations move up and down like the stock market, but Kylie is methodical about consistently generating aspirational content for her social audience, without jeopardizing authenticity,” Spadafora explained. “Her use of social media to personally connect with and listen to her fans enables her to deliver products they will actually purchase. This is a true case study for how brands can greatly benefit from working with social media influencers like Kylie.”


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