Everyone Wants Something From Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner: beauty mogul, eyebrow fan, and now, the Internet’s most sought-after fairy godmother. As usual, Jenner has started the next big trend, and it has nothing to do with mismatched nails or the revival of a retro hairstyle—this time, it’s asking her for stuff.


On Monday morning, one lucky fan by the name of Megan Etter tweeted a heartbreaking tale of love and loss to Jenner: Her beloved Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit was whisked away by a fellow bar patron, never to be seen again. “Sometimes I randomly remember how someone stole my @KylieJenner lip kit at the bar and that shit hurts all over again,” Etter wrote. “I will never forget.”



The story clearly tugged at Jenner’s philanthropic heart, as she replied to Etter’s tale—“What color i got you,” she tweeted, probably making Etter’s day (if not entire life).


And as we could expect, the Twitter community followed suit with kudos to Jenner for her philanthropic efforts. But, knowing the fact that Jenner is a self-made billionaire, some of us couldn’t help but put a few reasonable requests on her radar…


Now, we just have one request: Can you help a sis out and send over the pair of Fendi sunglasses someone snatched from me at the club? Please and thanks.

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