Look Who Just Beat Out Kylie Jenner To Become America’s Richest Celebrity

Just in case you recently bought yourself a little trip, maybe some new technology, hell, even checked out on your Reformation cart, and are finally feeling like you have a bit of dough in the bank, here’s a rude awakening for you: Several people your age have a lot, lot more. 


For whose benefit we’re not quite sure, but those people and what they are worth has been released by Forbes. The same publication that touted the fact Kylie Jenner’s beauty company was worth a billion dollars has now revealed that Taylor Swift has her beat based on her last year’s takings.  


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That’s right. Taylor Swift. This is not the first time Swift has topped Forbes’ Celebrity 100—she also took out the number one spot after her 1989 World Tour earnings, but it was her Reputation Tour that really raked in the cake. According to BillboardForbes reports the tour brought in $266.1 million domestically, closing with $345 million overall after its seven-country stretch. She also has deals with Diet Coke, AT&T, and Apple, making, in total, $185 million last year. 

That put her $15 million above her primary competitor, beauty titan Kylie Jenner—an upset not many of us might have predicted. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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