How To Celebrate Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Union

Still your breathing. The first trailer is for the Charlie’s Angels reboot has been released—Kristen Stewart is in it, Noah Centineo is in it, but most notably, the most important women in our life, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, are in it. Sonically, that is.


This is a star alliance is so extreme it can only be compared to that of Britney Spears and Madonna’s “Me Against The Music” marriage (the impact!). It’s impressive that co-executive producer on the soundtrack, Ariana Grande, recruited two women who may be described as her primary pop competitors, but here we are. The saving grace, perhaps, is each woman has very distinct music styles, just like, well, their actual style—style that has evolved dramatically over the years.


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Thus, to celebrate the birth of a new golden trio, we’ve rounded up the three most era-defining outfits from each singer for you to pick your pop icon fighter. These are the only angels we recognize.


Lana Del Rey

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“Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” Lana was the one that burst on the scene with trailer park [literally] charm and supposedly D.I.Y. videos. Lizzy Grant was killed off and replaced with an eternally nostalgic, pin-up styled pageant queen who bragged about her perpetually poverty and sang about the American dream. Oversized hoops and roller curls are crucial.



80mm Fine Hoop Earrings



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Gone was the overdrawn ’60s cat-eye and the throwback outfits, Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey was paired down—your Cali queen in a T-shirt, jean shorts and leather jacket. Back to basics meant natural hair and a budding friendship with James Franco. Niche!


Hanes x Karla

The Crew Tee


Our most recent Lana Del Rey has leaned back in. Gone is the ’50s/’60s of Born To Die, the past two years have been all about the 1970s, Stevie Knicks, and Lust For Life. This meant tour looks largely consisting of knee-boots and lace mini dresses, middle-parted hair, and bell sleeves. A whole new woman.



Animal Print Heeled Leather Boots



Ariana Grande

Ah, old (or young) Ariana Grande. The days of Sherri Hill, even more extra hair accessories and the lead up to “I Love The Way.” It was a simpler time.


Sherri Hill

Sequin V-Neck Short A-Line Dress


Ah, Dangerous Woman. Ariana leaned all the way into her sexuality with “Into You” and the album’s titular track, as well as a duet with The Weeknd. We loved it, and new, sexy Ari became our forever Valentine’s insp.


Alice + Olivia

So Fine Lace Cropped Camisole



And finally, the lampshade. Over-the-knee suede boots, even in the height of summer, and an oversized hoodie is the name of Ariana’s game, claiming only yesterday to have shimmied back into an XXXL hoodie after the picture was taken. She is a slave to the style uniform, and we have no choice but to stan.


by the way.

Reign Oversized Sweater Dress




Miley Cyrus

There’s nothing purer than mid ’00s Miley, the time of purity rings, Nick Jonas and climbing mountains. Then again, we’re kind of better off without her.


Phillip Lim

Shirred Cotton-Poplin Midi Dress



May we quite literally never, ever forget.



Smile Bodysuit

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We have a whole new Miley! Enter Miley 4.o. She’s not the teen pop star, nor the irreverent Bangerz-era post-racism shock queen, nor your laid-back Malibu fave, but a ’70s-era female empowerment icon. Throw on some flares and you’re there! Go off, Miley.



Seamed Flare Jeans


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