Everything Lana Del Rey does is low-key hypnotic, which makes karaoking a Lana song a pretty solid move — it’s unexpected, sexy (if you’re at a crush’s birthday party and need to pull a few seductive moves), and, well, it’s not “Don’t Stop Believin”.

But what about if you were karaoking it and Lana herself appeared on stage? That’s what happened to a couple of fans singing “Cherry” from her 2017 album Lust for Life on stage at a club. Lana, of course, killed the performance and even did the choreography along with the Lana super-fans who were singing her song.

An audience member recorded it and posted it on Twitter Sunday night. The fan tweeted “Sorry everyone got messy as always,” to the singer, who responded with, “It’s coool [sic]/ We’re messy. We know it. Don’t worry bout it xo.” She also tweeted, “If you’re at my karaoke bar and you know my choreo I will probably sing with you.”

Watch the clip below:

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