Lana Miller Has An Eye For Thrifted Clothing

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Lana Miller, dancer and West Coast style star always looks good on Instagram. With a look that’s ‘tropical street-style’ and a seemingly endless collection of cool sunglasses, we can’t get enough of her natural knack for adding a streak of femininity and sexiness to her baggie streetwear pieces (that, and her affinity for posting videos that show off her moves!). Since Miller is a girl to follow, we caught up with her below to talk about her favorite places to shop, her go-to accessories, and thrifting.


Where do you live?

LM: “I’m one of those ‘from Seattle’ people that lives in Shoreline.”


Where are your favorite places to shop?

LM: “Thrift stores, ’cause a girl makes minimum wage! Thrifting isn’t for everyone, but if you have a good eye, it’s almost as if everything in the store is one of one. There are a ton of thrift and consignment stores around Seattle, and you can find just about anything there.


“Like anyone though, I will occasionally splurge on items that my very logical mind has decided I NEED, and these purchases are typically made responsibly online while I am half asleep.” 


What brands are you loving right now?

I’m currently really into Concolor Studio, Shayne Oliver, Gretch, Fenty, STYLEHOUSE, KITH, and Virgil Abloh.”


What are you go-to outfit essentials?

Earrings, sunglasses, and confidence!” 


Tell us your style philosophy.

Never doubt yourself and don’t apologize for being you. You think it’s too much? Wear it anyway!”


What style rules, if any, do you religiously follow?

The first style rule is that there are no style rules! Always try and challenge yourself and your style. Yes, you CAN pull that off!”  


Casual or dressy?

Is there such thing as dressy casual? I will combine the two forever because I like to be extra as hell but also comfortable.” 


What country or culture do you think captures your style most?

I take so much inspiration from people that I honestly couldn’t place myself in a particular culture or country. But, I can say that people from all over the world change my experience and how I interact with fashion everyday.” 


Hot weather or cold weather?

“Warm weather over cold weather any day! I am one of those people who anxiously sweats ALL of the time, so I would prefer to not wear any layers if possible.”


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