$60,000 worth of sex toys were stolen at an erotic trade fair in Berlin

Someone somewhere has a lot of dildos right now. Over $60,000 worth of dildos, butt plugs and vibrators were stolen from the erotic trade fair Venus Berlin — it’s the largest recorded theft of sex toys in history.

A representative from Fun Toys London explained via Facebook that they had just finished debuting their toy line when company reps stepped away from the boxes they were getting ready to load into a truck. “It turned out that ALL the FT products worth over 50.000 euros had been stolen! Only the brochures, bags and two boxes with testers were left. Also, our award Erotix Awards 2017 was on the scene which is consoling,” the post says.

When Fun Toys’ representative Marco Tortoni stepped away to talk with police, four more boxes were stolen. The Facebook post continues on to say that the fair’s organizers had not been helpful in providing camera footage or other assistance during the course of the investigation. “What is amusing is that not a single tester went missing during the days of the exhibition!” the rep wrote.

Earlier this year, thieves stole $10,000 worth of sex toys and $30,000 worth of condomsfrom high-end sex toy retailer Lelo in Las Vegas. According to NewNowNext, Fun Toys has filed a police report and is asking people to look for their items being distributed by an “unauthorized seller.” The company’s list of authorized sellers can be found here.

In the meantime, Fun Toys might want to consider a follow-up post similar to the hilarious response Lelo had to the thieves who stole their sex toys in May.

“We hope they saw a shiny new warehouse and thought ‘yeahhhh we about to be Made Men, sonnnn’ and they went home with their ill-gotten loot, opened up the boxes, discovered they had grabbed 30000 condoms by accident, and were so stunned that they realized they depended on each other’s partnership to get over the trauma, quickly fell in passionate love, had no condoms left by the end of the week, and quit their life of crime to grow old together and renovate a charming guesthouse in New Orleans,” Lelo’s statement read.

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