Layering Gold Jewelry Is An Art. Here’s How To Do It Right

You may think of vintage jewelry only as the pieces your grandmother has passed down to you over the years. But, there’s an entirely new world of vintage necklaces, earrings, and more booming on Instagram—and one of our favorite accounts to follow is Joanna Serven‘s, who’s based in New York City and sells both vintage and custom jewels on her feed. What we love most about her selection is that it feels anything but dated—and the styling (or should we say, piling) makes us want to double-tap every single time.


Serven, a jewelry-lover and collector, started designing custom items “because there were some personal collection pieces I had made for myself that people really wanted to buy, but that I could never part with,” she tells COOLS. “So I thought, why not make more? I’m not a jewelry designer, and I would never claim to be. That takes a whole set of skills that I’m not equipped with. I just know what I like, and I know how to find it. I don’t sell anything that I wouldn’t wear, and I think that’s why it works.”


Aside from saving her special pieces on Instagram to revisit when we win a small fortune (or DM-ing them to friends and loved ones as “hints”), we’re also taking notes on how to style and layer the jewelry we have. We’re loving Serven’s more-is-more approach, and it can even be achieved using the chunky gold pieces we already have. Below, find some of the tips we’ve collected from Serven’s IG.


Embrace The Pinky Ring


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SOLD✨ 18K .12ctw Chunky Triangle Pinky Ring is still available for sale!✨

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If you’re anti-piny ring, allow Serven’s feed to convince you otherwise. “I’ll come across something and feel an instant connection to it, that’s how I know it’s a great piece,” she says of her extensive pinky ring collection.


You Can Never Wear Too Many Hoops


If you’ve got multiple piercings, don’t feel like you have to balance out your hoops with studs. “wish I had some sort of approach,” Serven says of her layering technique. “It’s really just whatever I feel like piling on that day. I have to be in the mood to wear whatever I have on, so it’s more about that intangible emotional connection to a piece, rather than how one piece ‘goes’ with another.” 


Have A Sense Of Humor


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Lol this one sold before I even had a proper chance to list it for sale!✨

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Serven is all about a cheeky nameplate. Since jewelry can be one of the first things people notice, why not have a little fun with it?


Stack It Up


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I’m an eternity band elitist☝️ Bottom 2 bands on my ring finger are available for sale!✨

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Gone are the days of delicate stacks. Vintage rings with thick metals and oversized gems are the perfect opportunity to experiment. “When it comes to jewelry, I think everything goes together,” Serven says. “Simple as that. Wear what you like! Wear what’s special to you and what makes you feel special.”


Make It Personal

Arguably the most fun part of jewelry is its personality, and you’re never too old for a cheeky charm. “I hesitate to talk about jewelry in terms of trends, because good jewelry transcends all that,” Serven says. “It’s also deeply personal, so the reason why one person might wear something can be totally different than why someone else does. That’s why I love it.”

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