So This Is How You Do Leather For Summer

We’ve all done it: Purchased a seasonally-inappropriate item just because you love it, only to bend over backwards to fit it into your daily life without expiring from heat or dying of hypothermia. For most of us, that investment looks like an ill-advised leather piece for the summer, and apparently Kendall Jenner can relate.


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The model was spotted in New York yesterday in a leather pant-trench co-ord.  There’s nothing like the perpetually erratic June weather to throw you off your style game (light jacket weather has definitively come and gone, and we’re now in the grips of something much more insidious: light layers), and Jenner managed to appease the elements, without letting them hinder a great look.


So This Is How You Do Leather In Summer

But how do we, mere mortals, do the world’s simultaneously coolest and hottest fabric in the warmer months? First of all, go vegan. If you have an eye on a pair of vintage leather pants, chances are they’re real and subsequently much too heavy for this time of year. Modern technology has presented a much lighter alternative in artificial leather, which means much less sweat. Jenner’s Salakai take, paired with a simple singlet and sneakers, is a great example of making it work in the warmer months.


To get a little technical, it’s important to keep in mind that polyurethane pleather is the more breathable leather alternative. PVC pleather, which we’ve come to know and love via various I.AM.GIA styles, won’t let any air in and is  additionally very difficult to clean. The Salakai look is the former, and definitely something you should be looking for if you investing in a piece to take you from summer through fall. 


Good luck out there.


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