No style accessory is more essential than the leather tote bag. The modest bag has been a staple to women’s fashion since the 19th century, thanks to none other than the Maine-based outdoors store, L.L. Bean. Formerly labeled as the “ice bag” by the brand, the tote bag was created for carrying ice and other multi-purpose uses but became one of the most sought-after accessories by 1950s housewives. By the 1960s it was reintroduced to the world by L.L. Bean as The Boat Bag, and morphed into the vital fashion piece it is today.


The tote bag is one of the top-selling items from L.L. Bean, along with other fashion brands following their lead. While the original design of the tote was created with canvas, this bag has blossomed into a more luxe feel by American designer Bonnie Cashin, who crafted Coach’s signature Cashin Carry Tote. Coach’s leather tote became a symbol of luxury and glamour for women everywhere, and to this day is still considered iconic.


Today, just about every woman has a large leather tote bag. No longer just an ice bag, the tote has become standard at this point for women (and men) to have on hand while hopping on morning commutes, and for valid reasoning. We’ll be honest, most of us carry a plethora of unnecessary things with us, so how else would we be able to walk around with half of our apartments at-hand? This tote is as limitless and innovative as fashion should be.


The stylish demeanor and versatility of a leather tote can’t be topped, which is why we’re clutching to these bags all year long. The tote bag continues to be a favored choice among the handbag industry as a classic choice that continues to elevate its quality, durability, and outstanding attraction.   


Worn out your tired tote? Revive your style with these leather tote bags.


The Classics

All-black everything! Let’s be real: you can’t top the poise and versatility of a large black tote bag. They can pull together just about any outfit, and give off a large and in charge vibe. Your tote bag is the confident you never knew you needed but desperately can’t live without.  Bags are and forever will be essential to any outfit’s makeup, but for some reason, the tote bag speaks to something more profound as it carries around everything but the kitchen sink. Try this Valextra Soft leather tote on for size, spacious and chic in every sense of the word. Hold your tote in comfort and style making it your go-to travel bag. Take this bag on your next flight and gracefully strut through TSA as everyone admires your luxurious travel staple.



Soft Leather Tote



Black & White


There are no grey areas with the Burberry reversible bonded check/leather shoulder tote bag. Its contemporary style allows this bag to seamlessly fit together with any of your seasonal outfits in a posh and polished manner. The large handles allow you to carry around your bag effortlessly, and its modern minimalist aesthetics makes this bag the ultimate staple for your everyday looks. Whether you’re traveling across the sea or just going on your morning commute, this reliable bag can easily accompany you.



Medium Reversible Bonded Check/Leather Shoulder Tote Bag



The Scandi Approach  


Simplicity, minimalism, and functionality sound like the blueprint to a life well lead, but in actuality, it’s the design movement behind the nomadic countries of Scandinavia. Since its influence during the 1950s and recent resurgence with the millennial crowd, Scandi-style has become a way of life. We look to perennial shapes and silhouettes that are multifaceted just as this Givenchy flat leather tote. Its tonal design features of black and embossed reptile leather in black and mahogany make it a versatile piece season after season. Note: this may not be the tote you put everything in instead a contemporary bag equipped for documents and your favorite tangible magazines.



Antigona Small leather tote



Everything’s Gucci


Gucci Mane foreshadowed that this tote was indeed the G.O.A.T. Just like all things Gucci, bigger is always better, and there’s no exception to the rule with their Gucci GG Marmont Leather Tote Bag. Gucci is known for their outlandish designs but this bag feels nostalgic. The old school personal shopper design elements including double top handles, quilted leather, and premium space adhere to the tote bag culture we all know and love with a twist. Say farewell to the chunky, throw over your shoulder tote and welcome a fresh take on the favored item.



Gg Marmont Leather Tote Bag




Everything’s better in 3D, right? In your face and larger than life is the motto we like to live by, and the same can be said about the bags we gravitate to. The Wandler Mia leather tote bag is the wave of the future, so consider this the 3.0 version. The Mia bag has contrasting navy and black leather including detachable flat leather handles that can transform your tote into an oversized clutch purse. If you’re about bending the rules, this may be the bag for you. The outer flaps extend giving you a 3D-esque appeal not typical of the usual tote bag aesthetic. The extended sides are also a Wandler signature for an elegant, feminine look. Whoever said a tote must only be a tote? Not us, that’s for sure.



Mia Leather Tote Bag-Black





Remember the scrunchie trend of the 1990s? Yeah, we’re still on the fence about that too. Without fail it was a staple in every young woman’s beauty essentials draw, and in a series of events, the scrunchie trend has made its way through fashion’s revolving doors once more. We’re not here to talk about hair so where’s the correlation? The Valentino Garavani bloomy gathered pebbled leather tote bag takes us for a walk down memory lane as the gathered material is reminiscent, oddly enough of a scrunchie hair tie. In this case, the pebbled cowhide leather thread and scrunch together, meeting at the rockstud detailing at the top. Not your everyday tote bag, but without a doubt a conversation starter the next time you’re in Wholefoods doing your weekly grocery shop.



Bloomy Gathered Pebbled Leather Tote Bag



Patent Leather


We could not have a list of the most desirable leather tote bags without a nice patent leather option up for grabs, because omitting it would be blasphemous. There’s something about a shiny bag that gets us every time, maybe since we could see our reflection in the front panel to do touch-ups on the go. Nassim on the backburner, The Stella McCartney patent tote bag is what we’ve been missing in our handbag collection and didn’t even know it. The simple, non-faffing design is a staple of the McCartney aesthetic. This bag features double flat top handles and flap pouch make this a great bag for just slinging about the city when needing to hit the ground running.



Faux Patent Leather Dual Tote Bag



The Americana


The rustic approach is always a choice well made during the fall seasons. So, subtly embrace the Western lifestyle with Frye’s heavily sought-after Melissa Leather Shopper. The rich textured leather has a slightly worn-in feel, perfect for the vintage-loving traditionalists. It’s also the stylish commuter’s dream bag for its spacious body and no-nonsense interior. It’s no wonder this bag is crowned the perfect everyday tote for fall, year after year.



Melissa Leather Shopper - Brown



Red Flags


his fiery number from Tory Burch is exactly what you need for a pop of color in your fall wardrobe. Strutting to the office has never felt more posh than with this large and in charge tote: it’s spacious, but still stays sleek and sexy in design with the textured leather finish. The lightweight leather makes this tote durable, but easy on your shoulders. Feel free to pack your largest tablets, laptops, and other work necessities you tend to trot around with.



Perry Leather Tote - Red



Grey Linings


This cool-toned grey bag is the perfect everyday for those of you who want to stray from classic black. It’s a perfectly designed tote, with enough space to store half of your apartment at ease. And it’s all wrapped up in a textured Bohemian-esque leather, giving it a worn-in vintage feel. With hidden pockets and a spacious interior, there’s absolutely no way you could ever say no to this pick.



Hero Tote - Grey



Pink On Pink


If you’re an unashamed millennial pink-aholic, then this bag was basically hand crafted by the minds at Ted Baker solely for you. It stays on trend with just about everything we loved in 2018: a light pastel pink hue, dainty patterns, and tied together with rose gold hardware.



Bow Embossed Leather Shopper -

$269 $161.4

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