No style accessory is more essential than the leather tote bag. For as long as time could tell, this bag’s durability is a god-send for girl bosses around the globe, and it always finds a way to stay sophisticated and modern. While crossbodies and fanny packs are making a comeback, large and in-charge leather tote bags have firmly stood their ground since the minute they popped up on the fashion scene.

This modest bag has been a staple to women’s fashion since the 19th century, thanks to none other than the Maine-based outdoors store, L.L. Bean. Formerly labeled as the “ice bag” by the brand, the bag was created for carrying ice and other multi-purpose uses, but became one of the most sought-after bag by 1950s housewives. By the 1960s it was reintroduced to the world by L.L. Bean as The Boat Bag, and morphed into the key fashion piece it is today.

It’s one of the top-selling items from L.L. Bean, along with other fashion brands following their lead. While the original design of the tote was created with canvas, this bag has blossomed into a more luxe feel by American designer Bonnie Cashin, who crafted Coach’s signature Cashin Carry Tote. Coach’s leather tote bag became a symbol of luxury and glamour for women everywhere, and to this day is still considered iconic.

Today, just about every woman has a large leather tote bag. No longer just an ice bag, the tote has become standard at this point for women (and men) to have on hand while hopping on morning commutes, and for valid reasoning. We’ll be honest, most of us carry a plethora of unnecessary things with us, so how else would we be able to walk around with half of our apartments at-hand? This tote is as limitless and innovative as fashion should be. The stylish demeanor and versatility of a leather tote can’t be topped, which is why we’re clutching to these bags all year long.

Spring is all about rebirth, and this season we’re daring you to create a styling renaissance by grabbing a new tote bag. It may not seem like a big step, but hear us out: nowadays, you can find a leather tote in a variety of shapes, prints, and patterns to incorporate into your spring wardrobe. From big bows and intricate embroideries, there is a leather tote on the market that can effortlessly upgrade any of your springtime looks.

Rebel against the same-old brown leather tote you have, and grab a new one with a fresh attitude. There’s no better time than the present to step out of your comfort zone and dive into a world of style and finesse with these eye-catching leather totes. Give your aesthetic the springtime refresher it deserves by grabbing one of these statement-making upgrades to the classic large leather tote bag. We promise you’ll be toting these totes around for seasons to come.

Worn out your tired tote? Revive your style with these leather tote bags.

The Classic Black

Let’s be real: you can’t top the poise and versatility of a large black tote bag. They can pull together just about any outfit, and give off a large and in charge vibe. That’s why we’re ready to rock this black leather tote bag from Valextra this season. This simply stunning tote is made from soft leather, giving it a flexible silhouette to hold even the largest of items for the day. The top handles allow you to hold your tote in comfort and style, making it your go-to travel bag. Take this bag on your next flight and gracefully strut through TSA as everyone admires your luxurious travel staple.


Soft Leather Tote


Pretty Pastels

Pastel shades are one of the most essential colors for the warmer seasons, which is why we’re breaking out this MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote bag. This large tote has an adorable blush pink color that will give your seasonal style a cool and calm vibe. Not only is this tote beautiful, but it’s also extremely sturdy and versatile through it’s adjustable straps and thick leather material. This bag truly shines through it’s small yet statement-making details: the pebbled leather detail adds a luxe texture to the tote, while the minimal golden hardware adds a tasteful touch of class.


Mercer Large Leather Tote


Black And White

There’s no grey areas here with this Sacai leather tote bag. This black and white colorblock tote is wide enough to hold basically half of your apartment. Its contemporary style allows this bag to seamlessly fit together with any of your seasonal outfits in a posh and polished manner. The large handles allow you to tote around this bag effortlessly, and its modern minimalist demeanor makes this bag the ultimate staple for your everyday looks. Whether you’re traveling across the sea or just going on your morning commute, this reliable bag can easily sail along with you.


Hybrid Large Colorblock Leather Tote

$1,680 $756

It’s Do Or Dye

If you’re into the bohemian-chic look, then you’re going to fall in love with this leather tote from Proenza Schouler. This shoulder leather tote bag features a red, white, and black tie-dye finish that will leave you in a cosmic trance. Its large size allows you to pack your biggest items with no restraints, making it the perfect travel staple or laptop bag. Pair this tote with some of your favorite denim jeans and white tops to give your casual style a pop of color and sass.


Exclusive Large Tie-Dye Tote


Florals Forever

You can’t get all Miranda Priestly on us with this bag. Florals are essential for spring, and add a little brightness to our days, even with the worst of springtime showers. So, put some flower power into your springtime looks with this Ted Baker tote. Its baby pink hue is accentuated with large carnations and detailed with polished gold studs to create a femme and sophisticated look  with just a dash of modern edge. This large leather tote pairs well with your best springtime pastel dresses, blouses, and heels.


Palace Gardens Large Leather Tote - Pink


Monochromatic Muse

One of the hottest trends hitting the scene is undoubtedly the monochromatic look. These vibrant hues give your style an eye-catching effect that just can’t be topped, which is why we’re loving this monochromatic red leather tote from Marni. This tote scoffs at the micro tote trend with its broad size and its striking cherry-red pigment. The tortoise-shell handle gives this bag a pop of timeless detail that’s guaranteed to get heads turning in awe. This large tote bag is great for pairing with any of your evening outfits.


Pannier Large Leather Tote - Red


Fit For A (Mc)Queen

This swirled-effect bag is brought to you by famed fashion label, Alexander McQueen. Known for their intricate and barrier-breaking designs, this leather tote bag truly lives up to the McQueen name. Its mesmerizing swirls make this tote bag a masterpiece fit for the Met, and we’re ready to walk down the streets of Soho with this work of art by our side. Its black and white scheme gives the bag;s design an avant-garde feel without becoming overbearing, making it a universal piece to pair with any outfit.


Large Leather Shopper Tote


The Texture-Block

Another trending theme this spring is obviously the color-block, but have you seen the texture-block? If you haven’t, that’s likely because we just made it up. Well, we’re giving credit to Yuzefi with this texture-blocked tote bag. This tote not only features an earth-toned color-blocking pattern, but also gives you the best of both worlds with its suede and textured leather pairing. It’s cut-out handles make this piece the large leather tote bag of your aesthetically pleasing dreams. This tote can work with any of your office or daytime outfit choices.


Pablo Color-block Textured-leather Tote - Pastel pink


It Was All Yellow

Contrary to the more conservative style of Burberry, this neon yellow tote bag will shine brighter than the sun this spring. While it says minimal on the design side, this lemon-yellow shade is all you need to give your springtime style a packed punch. This tote bag is detailed with pebble-stone leather for luxurious texture, and is wide enough to hold all of your essentials. This leather tote steers away from the average subtlety the British brand is known for, and we’re all for this drift.


Large Remington Logo Leather Tote - Yellow


Wave After Wave

This Mansur Gavriel tote completely spins the classic brown leather tote bag on its head. The ocean-inspired waved silhouette of this tote bag will take your springtime style up to a whole new level of fierce. The canvas-lined interior of this bag allow it to withstand any wear-and-tear you bring about it. Durability and fresh style? We’ll sign up for that.


Ocean Leather Tote - Tan


The Studded Approach

Want your red bottom heels to match your bag? Then grab this Christian Louboutin tote bag. This beige-pink tote features a pop of the brand’s signature red hue on its sides, and is kicked up a notch with its studded side details. Whether you’re headed to brunch or going clubbing, this large leather tote will amp up the style of any springtime outfit. Wear this bag with any of your Christian Louboutin shoes to keep your aesthetic on point.


Paloma Large Spiked Leather Tote - Beige


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