Leonardo DiCaprio Proves Rolled-Up Jeans Aren’t Dead, Yet

Today, May 28, Leonardo DiCaprio sparked outrage. No, he didn’t tweet anything problematic, and no archival footage documenting the ‘Pussy Posse‘ in their heyday emerged. Instead it was something else entirely, and it involved, wait for it, denim.


If you haven’t noticed, rolled-up jeans don’t have the allure they once did. Ankle grazers, whether created in D.I.Y.-fashion by a pair of scissors or designed as such, have been overthrown by a baggier, cooler, younger brother draping itself well over the foot. As such, we’ve waved sayonara to skinny jeans and with it, the indie-imposed, skater-adopted, definitively hipster cuff. But Leonardo DiCaprio was not about to take that lying down. Instead, he chose to take it to a whole other level.


Fresh from Cannes, DiCaprio and 21-year-old girlfriend-actress-model Camila Morrone strolled around New York City with all the nonchalance of beach goers. Maybe it was Memorial Day, maybe the actor was simply feeling frisky, but whatever the reason, he cuffed his jeans to capri-level. Literally. And this is not the first time. See evidence from 2008, below.


What does this mean for us? Does this single we have to also soon succumb to the mating call of a much-rolled jean? Are we already on our way there? Is Leonardo DiCaprio the fashion icon we didn’t ask for, definitely don’t need but must pay attention to?



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