lily kwong

Lily Kwong Grows Plants, and Plants Root Her

For most working professionals, jobs are sources of stress that throw us off balance. But on the other hand, there are people like Lily Kwong, whose work builds roots, literally grounding her into who she is.


Where to Eat, Drink, and Stay in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe

I love wine. It’s a culture. It brings together some incredibly interesting people, and in some incredibly interesting places around the world. There’s history, pride, humility, and constant innovation in the wine making business. And there’s a lot of sophistication, community, and, for lack of a better phrase, drunken fun, in wine tasting. When you think of the West Coast and wine, what comes to mind? Napa Valley is likely rolling off your tongue. But what’s equally as exciting as places th ...


Headed to Coachella? Where to Eat, Play, and Stay in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is fascinating. Somehow, it has the snow bird retirement community mixed in with the vibrant LGBTQ community, and the result is impeccable taste—in food, in architecture, in style. It’s where you go to retire AND party. It’s where chiseled abs and cocktails by the pool at noon are just as prominent as blue hairs on the golf course. It’s where leather chaps on bare asses at the annual “bear” festival for “bears and their admirers” is just as acceptable as the cable knit sweaters tied ...