Lifestyles of the Fit and Hungry: A Celebrity Fitness Trainer’s Daily Guide to Health, Strength and Balance


5:30AM: Alarm sounds

I have my morning routine down to the minute.  I don’t have to rush because I know about how long each task should take.  Morning cuddle, shower, lime and salt, touch of makeup and out the door.


I keep things simple and always use natural products!  Living in New York City, you are constantly exposed to environmental toxins, so it becomes more important to be aware of what’s going on and in your body. EWG is a great site to see the toxicity level of your beauty or home products. I use Tate’s shampoo and conditioner, which doubles as body wash and is moisturizing enough to shave with.  Uncle Harry’s peppermint toothpaste, made of bentonite clay, colloidal silver and oregano oil, will leave your mouth feeling cleaner than it has, ever!  Nature’s Chemist is my go-to for skincare. Since I workout daily, my skin can get fussy and irritated; their line has changed my skin with organic oils and ayurvedic balancing chemistry.  I use RMS for a touch of concealer, a natural glow, and a little color.

5:50AM: Bike to work

I ride a Bianchi bike year-round.  It’s a light, fun bike, and it’s the fastest way to get around the city between clients, as well as get in a bit of exercise while en route.  The city can be really high sensory, and riding my bike helps me step away from the environmental excess and lets me check in.

6:00AM – 8:00AM: Work

Train clients

8:00AM: Breakfast

I have a similar breakfast of oats with an egg and an americano wherever I am in the mornings. I often put butter or MCT oil in my coffee. Oats fill me up for the next few hours and protein is a must in all meals! I’m pretty active so carbs in the morning keeps my energy up till lunch.  

What you eat first in your day is what determines your blood sugar stability and energy throughout the rest of the day. If you down an easy 600-calorie almond croissant first thing, your blood sugar spikes and, within an hour, your energy is lower than where you started and you are suddenly craving the next energy boost.

9:00AM – 12:00PM: Work

Train clients

12:30PM – 2:00PM: Workout


My usual snack of an espresso and gluten-free peanut butter cookie has been halted to a once a week event, as I have been trying a pre-workout that helps me maintain my energy throughout training without the necessity for a spike in blood sugar.


My training consists of calisthenic training with a focus on gymnastics training. I do some heavier lifting with my lower body and build my upper body strength with bodyweight exercises and handstands. When I decided to have skill-based goals to keep me focused rather than a judgement on my body, my body automatically changed in a positive way (as did my drive to take care of myself daily). I usually train at Soho Strength Lab because they have everything from weights to ropes to rings. I go to Equinox for a bit of cardio and to workout with friends. I’m not much of a runner, so this year I have been working on my endurance, which is a slow, humbling process.

It’s on my schedule every Wednesday night to do gymnastics at Chelsea Piers, which I make occasionally. It keeps my training fun, and gives me an understanding of where I am getting stronger and what needs more attention. The coaches there, John and Judah, are unreal and incredibly helpful for all levels!

2:00PM – 3:00PM: Lunch

Lunch is not quite as leisurely as breakfast, since I am usually having to squeeze in a shower. It’s often a burger but sometimes soup. I usually pick up a couple pounds of beef/lamb shank, or ground beef from the butcher Hudson and Charles, throw it into a crockpot with some veggies so I can have that for a few days, or I’ll make cabbage rolls in the crockpot (clearly the Russian in me).

3:30PM: Work

Train Clients

4:30PM: Handstands

I have a really great training partner who is hardworking (and happens to be incredibly sexy) who I work with daily. We have similar goals, so it’s a nice opportunity to show up for each other and be coached from a different set of eyes. Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, everyone benefits from a strong coach.

Afternoon energy boost:

In place of yet another coffee or calorie-dense snack, I have turned to a delicious hot concoction of Lion’s Mane, Collagen Peptides, and MCT oil. This gives a nice boost of energy and focus; the collagen gives 20g of low calorie protein, and the fat helps keep me satiated till my late dinner (and helps the taste). This mix has completely changed my energy, as well as my eating habits throughout the evening. It also has the added benefit of keeping my night’s sleep uninterrupted.

5:00PM – 8:00PM: Work

Train clients

8:30PM: Dinner

Dinner tends to be more variable.  I will usually have my go-to crockpot of meat and veggies — or I get poké.  I don’t cook as often as I would like due to my schedule, but I try to make a nice meal at least once a week. This may be a Shepherd’s pie, grilled fish and veggies, or a roast or steak.  

I don’t understand why people eat so much bird.  If you think about the grain and corn birds eat, it’s a lot less nutrient-dense than that of cows or even fish.  I rarely eat bird and never pig. I prefer meat that is nutrient-dense (hello liver!) rather than simply “lean protein”.

10:00PM: Bed

Electronics down!  Connect with your partner, restore and rest!


I work everyday while I am in town, so I make it a point to take frequent vacations to spend time with loved ones. It keeps me from burning out, and I get to explore the world and dive deeper into holistic nutrition and exercise science education. I create a routine wherever I go of some kind of physical adventure (mountain biking, surfing, rock climbing, hiking), explore healthy restaurants and farmer’s markets, daily workouts in local gyms, and taking time to do uninterrupted work. Being active is restorative for me. It’s not a matter of getting in shape but maintaining a healthy attitude. It’s what fills me with energy, clears my head, and keeps me hungry for what’s ahead!


NYC Go-Tos:


Butchers Daughter: Muesli with steamed cashew milk (prefer a dairy-free) and an over-easy egg

Chalait: Muesli with Greek yogurt and two 8-minute eggs. The matcha here is really good and they do blends with turmeric, chai, ghee and ashwagandha. I get the americano with ghee.

Nourish Kitchen: They do a baked oatmeal that is really nice, but sweet!  The gem of this place is the turmeric and tea hard-boiled eggs.  The coffee is average, but they do a rose petal latté that is a mood changer!

Merriweather: Turmeric, ginger and poached pear oats with a poached egg. They have a detox tonic of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and honey, which you can get with activated charcoal. A downside of this place is you will leave smelling of breakfast, as they don’t have fans in the kitchen.


Springbone: Double burger on a gluten-free bun with nothing on it (eat half the bun and single patty), and a butter coffee.  They serve La Colombe coffee, and they don’t add too much butter as I’ve found in other places. Sometimes I opt for the beef broth with Kimchi, in which case I’ll add avocado to my burger for the added fat.

Juice Press: Egyptian red lentil soup and the “summer” kelp noodles (which are chock-full of vitamins and thyroid-boosting iodine).

Honeybrains: They have a decent selection of bowls and salads but put chickpeas in far too many options! So I always order a few sides of steak, steamed spinach, sweet potato and avocado.  Here, I can also get my alternative breakfast option (thanks to Charles Poliquin) of steak and nuts.

Greecologies: They have weekly soup options like a turmeric coconut squash, as well as Meze plates of lamb meatballs and Israeli salad. The yogurt here, of which they make in-house, is notable for their unique, sweet and savory toppings, like my favorite carrot preserve and sour cherries. It makes this Greek café a rare gem.


Atla: Arctic char-stuffed avocado, ceviche, and mussels a la tumbada. Mussels are high in vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, which are immune-boosting, nutrient-absorbing necessities.  The ones here are cooking in a spicy tomato sauce that’s surprisingly fresh and light.

Fish Cheeks: They do coconut-grilled mussels that are unique and delicious, and I either get the steamed bass with Thai spices or the fish tom yum lemongrass soup. It’s the freshest Thai food I have had in NYC. You will leave smelling like food, so if this is an issue, I suggest getting delivery.

Souen: You can opt for their macrobiotic plates or their rice or noodle soups, or you can simply get grilled organic fish with veggies or a nice curry.  Washed down with a Mu 16 spiced tea, this place is my go-to hippie watering hole of easy and simple hearty food.

Cafe Clover: The menu here is consistently healthy, and you can even bring along your pickiest vegan friend. I get the grass-fed wagyu steak, which is sometimes small for the price but always cooked beautifully.

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