Light Jacket Weather Is A Lie

There’s a scene in cult-classic Miss Congeniality wherein Miss Rhode Island is asked to describe her perfect date. “I’d have to say April 25th,” she responds, “because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” 


We are now two weeks away from April 25, the day that signifies the entry (and potential exit?) of light jacket weather. The quote has reached the same level of significance in the pop culture calendar as that of Mean Girls‘ “October 3rd,” possibly because it’s just so relatable. There are several very brief windows throughout the year during which one might merely wear a light jacket over a summery outfit and be objectively comfortable, from day-to-night, anywhere around the world. Except for, apparently, Paris.


Now, I’m going to preface my passion on this subject by stating that I am no meteorologist. I do not pretend to understand the complexities of our ever-warming planet and how that might correspond with our body temperatures, but I can’tnay won’taccept that, according to Parisian influencers, light jacket weather is apparently all year round. From the depths of December to the hottest of summer nights, there is never a chill nor a heatwave that cannot be cured by a light jacket paired, of course, with a slingback shoe or strappy sandal. Even when these Instagram deities explore other cultures, therein leaving their Parisian home base, the weather remains at a firm light jacket level. And I can prove it.


Let us begin with Musier Paris founder AnneLaure Mais Moreau.


October 31:

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Denim + 🐆

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January 31:

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Hate winter ❄️

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February 28:


March 6:

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Le café ☕️

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March 25:


April 9:


Now, let us move on to fashion muse Jeanne Damas.


October 21:

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November 6:

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Visiting my ancestors in Madrid #albrechtdurer

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November 25 (Note: This picture was taken in New York):


December 4:


March 5:


April 9:


And finally, French model Gabrielle Caunesil.


October 5:


October 29:


December 27:


January 24:

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Lost and found 💫 #gabcaucloset

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February 25:


March 17:


March 22:


Granted, some of these wintery months were interspersed with the occasional hip-length shearling coat or cropped puffer, but they were largely outnumbered by The Light Jacket. There are many more examples of many other French style stars in light jackets despite their almost guaranteed impracticality, begging the question: Is Paris perpetually in a state of late spring, or are all long-limbed thin women with mussed hair who live there always warm? Are there thermals underneath the slip dresses that we can’t see?


We just don’t know, but in the meantime, enjoy the ever-in flux spring and count down to April 25 when you, too, might be able to throw on just a light jacket for a day or two.


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