Lizzo Is The ‘Playboy’ Centerfold We Needed

The Playboy universe has come along way in recent years—its traditional hyper-sexualization of young, thin, generally white women is no longer the brand’s doctrine, therein making room for some much-needed diversity. After all but decimating the Internet by shooting queer actor Ezra Miller in lipstick, heels, and bunny ears, there’s a new centerfold in town: Lizzo.


The singer/flautist appears in the magazine’s ‘Speech’ Issue, partaking in a 1970s-meets-Barbie-dream-house spread. Fishnets, bodysuits, and diamonds galore, Lizzo sprawls on a plush red satin bed spread and chaise lounge—the true epitome of ‘diva’—discussing the perils of social media, the pitfalls of fame, politics (Michael Cohen, to be specific), and, most importantly, body positivity which she hopes will soon be “mainstream.”



“People at shows would be so shocked when I’d sing ‘I’m in love with myself,'” she told the magazine. “The important thing is making sure this shit don’t become a trend. We gotta be undeniable. We gotta fix ourselves in the culture so that we’re unshakable.”


She also addressed the ‘boys club’ of the music industry, something she believes will finally be dismantled when we collectively acknowledge “gender doesn’t really exist.”


“We created social gender, so we gotta de-stigmatize it, take the importance off of skirt versus pants. That’s not even real, dog. What are you fucking talking about? ‘This is a boys’ club.’ Get your dumb ass outta here. This is a girls’ club, ho. Shut up.”


Read her interview and check out the full shoot here.






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