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If you’re like most worker bees, chances are you will be hitting the road this weekend to soak up the last of the summer sun. Just like outfit planning, a little beauty prep goes a long way and will ensure smooth sailing once on the beach.


Wednesday: Mask + Exfoliate

If you’ve ever been to a Korean bathhouse then you know the drill. If not, you’re in for a quick lesson on exfoliation. I like these charcoal infused gloves that I picked up from Target, along with liquid soap. After a quick rinse, I turn the water off and spend a solid 5-10 minutes rubbing and grooving every nook and cranny on my body paying particular attention to rough elbows, knees, and ankles. Pro tip: Throw a moisturizing hair mask like BrioGeo or heavy conditioner whilst exfoliating for double duty. Rinse thoroughly.

Then, post-shower, apply a gentle exfoliating mask to unclog pores and brighten up the skin. I really like the Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask from Peach & Lily’s new worry-free collection, which is a blend of AHA and ABA ingredients to resurface skin, but also has a counter blend of calming ingredients to leave complexions calmly refined.


Kessa Mitt - Black



Mandarin Shower Gel, 250ml - Colorless



Exfoliating Mask, 50ml - Colorless



Thursday: Shave + Moisturize

A clean shave is so much longer lasting than a quick one shave. If you missed this article, here are the cliff notes: warm up legs in water for a few minutes to open up pores, use shaving cream, and treat yourself to a fresh blade. I’m obsessed with using Billie razors this summer and putting my money towards a woman-positive company.

Extra points for exfoliating quickly ahead of the shave, and definitely don’t skimp on moisturizing. If you are shaving your bikini area, I recommend the same routine (exfoliate, shave cream, fresh blade) plus follow up with a medicated after shave gel. I like BikiniZone and have had a significant decrease in red bumps since I started using it… and let’s be real, bikini line bumps, no matter how innocuous, are not fun.

Thursday evening would also be the ideal time to indulge in a moisturizing mask or a sheet mask like My Beauty Diary to help seal in moisture and aid in repair after yesterday’s de-gunking. This is also when I would spend some quality time with my whole shebang ten-step Korean skincare routine but if you’re new to the game, slap on a sheet mask and get to sleep early, you’ve got a weekend ahead of you.


Purifying Body Exfoliant, 170ml - Colorless



1803 - Crème Pogonotomienne Shaving Cream, 75ml - Colorless



Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask - Colorless




Double- cleanse, layer on your most cush serums and lather on the SPF. Hydrate as much as possible ahead of those poolside cocktails.


Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum, 30ml - Colorless



Rejuvenating Serum, 50ml - Colorless



Hyaluronic Serum, 30ml - Colorless



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