Do You Like Coloring Enough To Invest In Louis Vuitton Pencils?

We’ve seen an uptick in recent years of fashion brands expanding into accessory-adjacent products. There have been Chanel bicycles, Supreme kayaks, and now, a Louis Vuitton pencil case.


For those who really relish a good coloring book, you can now wrap up your instruments up in a monogrammed LV leather holder—perfect to stunt on your art school friends or anyone who might throw you some side-eye for your peculiar affinity for adult-coloring. You can bet North West will be the first of many influencers to be forking out for the set, creating expensive masterpieces to overhaul her brand from style icon to definitive renaissance child/master of the arts.



Speaking of expensive, for the 40 different shades held together securely in leather pockets and fastened with a magnetic clasp (ideal for traveling), the case will set you back roughly $900. And though there’s no confirmed release date just yet, everyone knows that really good art, especially when produced with the help of luxury fashion, is priceless.

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