Get Ahead Of The Trend: The Low-Rise Pants You Need

After much concern, a few protests, and a rapidly adopted hashtag, Britney Spears is back. She’s posting her own videos (she says), she’s back working out (it seems), and she’s speaking French (kind of). But above all, since re-embracing Instagram, Spears is (once again!) serving the belly button-baring looks we need.



You might have heard low-rise is back. Considering fashion operates on a 10-20 year cycle, we might have seen it coming. It began with the baggy jeans—so oversized they organically wiggled down to hip-level. Then the ‘going out’ tops—rampant in the early ’00s—became reclaimed with frenzy. We’re very, very close to a complete low-rise takeover, and everyone knows it, which means it’s time to get ahead of the trend.


If we’re all about to be walking around, mid-drifts exposed, by next summer, then it’s time to start shopping. Take a page out of Spears’ book and return to the hip-hugging, impossibly-short-zip discomfort of the low-rise pant. Brace yourselves, and consider any (or many) of the below.


Rag & Bone

Ankle Dre Jeans




Saint Laurent

Low-rise flared jeans





Pocket Cargo Pants




Rag & Bone

Equestrian Low-Rise Skinny Jeans




1970’s Wide Leg Pants




Boy Skinny Jeans





Adorea Skinny Lace-Up Ankle-Zip Moto Pants





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