The Ballerina Who Loves Hoop Earrings And Summer Dresses

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Los Angeles-based ballerina and influencer Luna Montana is JUST graduating high school, already has a solidified fanbase thanks to her weekly YouTube videos and near-daily Instagram posts. Montana, who first caught the public’s attention with her dance vlogs, also works with LA’s trendiest stores and brands a ‘style ambassador.’ And did we mention she is the little sister of the queer pop star Zolita? No wonder we’re obsessed. Below, we caught up with Montana to get the details on her favorite places to shop, her go-to style advice, and the low-down on her Coachella look.

Where do you live?
“Malibu, California.”


Where are your favorite places to shop?
“Wasteland, Depop, The RealReal, and I honestly find some really good things at Brandy Melville.”


What brands are you loving right now?
“For Love & Lemons, Reformation, Realisation Par, and Ulla Johnson. They all have beautiful pieces that have movement, which, as a ballerina, really sticks out to me.”


What are your go-to outfit essentials?

“I love some good platform Dr. Martens, hoop earrings, and summer dresses.”


Tell us your style philosophy.
“For me, style is one of the greatest forms of expression, and, like your expression, style changes. You never have to pick one look—you can change it up and show all sides of you!”


What style rules, if any, do you religiously follow?
“I always include contrast (tight on bottom, loose on top), and I avoid mixing prints.”


Casual or dressy?
“DressyI love looking and feeling put together.”


What country or culture do you think captures your style most?
“I would say Denmark. They utilize very basic colors while still looking sleek, professional, and minimal.”


Hot weather or cold weather?
“Cold weatherI love layering and outerwear!”


Luna Montana

For Love & Lemons

Ace Mini Dress


Dr. Martens



After Hours Store

Small Oval Sunglasses with Pink Tinted Lenses



Luna Montana 1


Frill Skort Tie Top Co-ord Set


Brandy Melville

Kira Denim Jacket


Brandy Melville

Emerson Skirt


Dr. Martens



Urban Outfitters

Canvas Bucket Hat



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