Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With “Mutiny”

John Galliano has his finger to the wind. The creative director of Maison Margiela perfectly captures the anarchic, what-the-hell-is-going-on zeitgeist with “Mutiny”. The new gender-less fragrance is, conceptually, built upon three pillars: “nonconformity, diversity and creativity.” These virtues are espoused by six different ambassadors, including Willow Smith and Princess Nokia, and interpreted in their own words.

Galliano chose this diverse cast for their subversive approaches to conventional practices. As the designer explains in a podcast for “Mutiny,” the “silent march in America” (aka the 2017 Women’s March) was one of the deciding factors behind the name of the fragrance. Politically speaking, Galliano draws inspiration from all of the people who, in the face of adversity, are steadfast in their beliefs. Call it their unconventional wisdom.

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny"

John Galliano (left), and Dominique Ropion

Aromatically, the juice is made from three deconstructed parts of tuberose, expertly crafted by Dominique Ropion, a well-known “nose.” “I see that lady. She may not be in the room, but the memory of her lingers,” Galliano describes the fragrance, adding “The silent power, it’s authentic…it’s a bit of Coco [Chanel] as well,” before halting to say “I’m going to stop and just enjoy it.”

And you, too, can enjoy the new fragrance, available today, starting at $115. Ahead, meet the faces of “Mutiny”.

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 8

“Mutiny” eau de parfum, $115 for 50ml at Barneys

Meet the Mutinists

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 1

“Gender in general in something that I think is bullshit. It’s something that’s made up to put people in a box. It doesn’t make any sense. I was born intersex. Intersex means that you’re born with sex characteristics that don’t really define the definition of female or male. A lot of people live with it alone and in secrecy and feel very ashamed. You can be whatever the fuck you want. You can be whoever you want, whatever you want, you can dress however you want, you can become whatever you want. What is glamorous about fitting in?” — Hanne Gaby, 29, model

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 2

“I think it’s really important to not allow your appearance or your body to define your femininity. They used to call me ‘praying mantis’. I never wanted to go to school. When people are just berating you constantly, you’re never going to stop having those insecurities. It’s just how you manage them. Now my body is my work. Everyone has something unique about them. Maybe I’m just constantly trying to prove myself to myself. You can make your own definition of what normal beauty is. Redefine beauty.” — Molly Bair, 21, model

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 3

“I never do what I’m told unless I want to be told what to do. My magnitude is uncanny, darling. I’m one of a kind. I really love myself. I enjoy my identity. I’m a rock star, you know? Passion, that always gets me in trouble. I don’t want to be a chick that’s like, ‘I’m not into labels.’ Labels exist. Like anything in this world, there’s good and bad things. I’m a proud feminist because I genuinely care about the safety, protection and equal rights of women globally. Women are strong, powerful creatures. Rebellion comes from within.” — Princess Nokia, 25, singer

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 5

“There’s this constant pressure to look a certain way and act a certain way,
and be this hot, beautiful, skinny woman. I was the one with the tattoos and the dreads.
The main thing for me was to be who I was, and to be natural. You just have to be strong
with who you are and it illuminates off of you. People can feel that. When I’m good with
my mind and I’m getting back to what really matters and eliminating ego, that’s when
I feel most free. And I like that feeling. You gotta embrace that. You gotta embrace
yourself. Don’t just be better, be different.” — Sasha Lane, 22, actor

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 6

‘When I was growing up I was
always extremely attracted to femininity. I was willing to give up everything for it. Living
authentically was more important than having friends. I just stopped giving a shit. Coming
out as a trans woman I couldn’t just wait for someone to destigmatise what it means
to be transgender. I want to be that role model to the transgender girl or boy or whoever
in high school is confused and scared and doesn’t have anywhere to turn. Being who you
really are is an act of defiance.” — Teddy Quinlivan, 23, transgender model and activist

Maison Margiela Captures the Spirit of the Times With "Mutiny" 7

“Everybody’s looking for a reason. For me, that reason is to create. I think this generation is a little more defiant. We’re willing to endure pain in order to do what we love. Femininity, it’s like water: I can break rock, I’m that strong, but I can move with harmony. We want something more and something spiritual, even. Create the rules, then break them.” — Willow Smith, 17, singer, actor and dancer

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