Last week, the Versace family spoke out vehemently against the accuracy of Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, saying it should be considered a “work of fiction”. So how do you make a show about Versace without Versace? With careful homage and the best Versace vintage boutiques have to offer.

Fashion lovers (who also happen to be TV lovers) will inhale this series. It dives into attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community in the ‘90s, and Gianni’s last Versace haute couture show in the fall of 1997 is recreated almost look-for-look. Costume designer Lou Eyrich described to Fashionista having to pay tribute to iconic Versace looks without exact replication for legal reasons, such as the hot-pink-and-gold safety-pin detailed gown.

‘90s Versace pieces were sourced from high-end resellers and stores like The Way We Wore in Los Angeles and C Madeleine’s boutique in North Miami Beach.

“They had a lot of the original Versace stuff; we were able to get the super high-waisted equestrian leggings, the boots with the Medusa heads on them, a lot of good jewelry and purses and leather coats,” Eyrich told Fashionista. “We got a lot there.”

The bodacious, saturated sex appeal of ‘90s Versace is instantly recognizable, and co-designer Allyson Leach described drooling over the Fall ‘92 Miss S&M collection with the Western detailing and leather. The season premieres tomorrow, January 17, on FX.

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