About Charles Manson and the murder of Sharon Tate, the new film is also rumored to star Tom Cruise.

It was first seeing this photo that made me squeal:

U.S actors DiCaprio and Tarantino, pose during the launch of their film "Django Unchained" in Cancun


Tarantino covertly flashing the peace sign alongside Leo. This photo made me laugh for a few different inexplicable reasons, chiefly that lately most photos of Leo make me laugh ever since I saw him blissfully carrying a Super Soaker. But I digress. The photo of Tarantino and DiCaprio together announced that the two would be collaborating on the director’s new film about Charles Manson and the murder of Sharon Tate, then-pregnant actress and wife of director Roman Polanski. Now, Margot Robbie is also reportedly starring in the film, reuniting Robbie and DiCaprio after they starred as the deliciously trashy, terrible couple of criminal broker Jordan Belfort and New Jersey model Naomi Lapaglia in Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Set to be released on August 9, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the murders of Tate and her friends by Manson followers, the film has been described as an ensemble piece involving Manson and the murders set in 1969. Can you even imagine how great and wack and darkly glamorous this story is going to be in Tarantino’s hands?

There’s been a renewed interest in Manson and his followers over the last couple of years, from Manson Family Vacation on Netflix to Emma Cline’s breakout debut The Girls. If the announcement of the new film has you jonesin’ for more, check out The Cut’s great piece on the Manson cult’s influence on fashion.


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