Style Inspiration From The Olsen Twins

Lest you forget, sometimes good does happen in the world, and today, that comes in the form of Hulu’s Olsen Twin news. Three of the key films in Mary-Kate and Ashley’s late ’90s/early 2000s oeuvre are coming to the streaming service, thank god!


Beginning May 1, TV Guide reports that some of the most iconic pre-The Row Olsen Twin movies are coming to Hulu: Billboard DadPassport to Paris, and Switching Goals (the athletic Mary-Kate and Ashley film!). They come at the perfect time, fashion-wise, because almost everything the Olsens wore during this time period has resurfaced: zucca hats, cropped sweaters and skirts, puka shell chokers… To celebrate the return of our favorite twins to our TVs, here’s some of our favorite looks from the films coming to Hulu.


Billboard Dad

Style Inspiration From the Olsen Twins Films Returning to Hulu

In my eight-year-old mind, in spite of this movie being mired in tragedy (a dead mom), there was absolutely nothing cooler than having a) a twin sister and b) a ~cool~ Santa Monica ice cream shop with an owner who knew whether or not I liked nuts on my ice cream. The ’90s beach style was dynamically on-point, too: round sunglasses, piece-y up-dos, halters.


circle frame sunglasses - Gold



Summer High Tank Bikini Top


Steve Madden

UO Exclusive Platform Thong Sandal




Passport to Paris

Style Inspiration From the Olsen Twins Films Returning to Hulu 1

Never forget the iconic, completely confusing slang from 1999’s Passport to Paris: “She was totally edging on my squeeze, so I dinged her with a bounce-bounce in the numbers lab.” This is the film where Mary-Kate and Ashley charm Parisian boys, make fast friends with a supermodel, and ensure that French citizens have access to clean drinking water. 


Double F Logo Bucket Hat - Black



removable shearling collar bomber jacket - Neutrals

$1,950 $975


Small Nylon Crossbody Bag



Switching Goals

Style Inspiration From the Olsen Twins Films Returning to Hulu 2

OK, so this is admittedly the Mary-Kate and Ashley film I’m least familiar with, but I do know it involves, as you might guess, twins pulling a fast one and switching identities to get on the soccer team of their choice. Also, little-known fact, a young Michael Cera is in this film!



$906 $588


BBall Soccer sneakers - Black


Urban Outfitters

Flutter Butterfly Hair Clip Set





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