An Imagined Interview With Little Lola Sunshine, Paris Fashion Week’s Breakout Star

Ohh, so you’re a fashion girl? Let me guess: You get invites to all the best shows, attend the coolest parties, and hired a stylist this season because frankly it became too tough to finesse outfits from designers on your own—let alone put together looks. The model you’re dating is kind of smart and identifies as an activist (good for them!), none of your friends have less than 10k Instagram followers, and you won’t attend anything unless they send a car. But let me be the first to tell you: Someone is coming for your crown. In fact, she’s been wearing it the entire time. Little Lola Sunshine is the most fashionable person at Paris Fashion Week, and she’s not even human.


The social media sensation, actor, therapist, activist, and self-proclaimed world’s first street style dog was everywhere you wanted to be this Fashion Month. You might have run into her honoring Karl Lagerfeld in front of the Eiffel Tower, witnessed her posing with fans, or spotted her nursing a hangover with expensive champagne—in outfits so elaborate they put Celine Dion’s couture tour to shame. Little Lola Sunshine is—and we don’t throw this word around lightly—an icon. And if COOLS was ever lucky enough to secure some one-on-one time with the Dogue cover star, we have a feeling it would go a little something like this:


Let’s talk style. Describe yours in three words. 

Little Lola Sunshine: “Ugh, I HATE this question! It’s so hard to define because my style changes with my mood, and honestly I just wear what I like. Okay, let me try. Probably…fun, flirty, furry.”


What was a real “I’ve made it” moment for you?

LLS: “When Kim Kardashian arrived at Balmain and literally no one cared because I got there three seconds later. I’m talking full paparazzi-pivot; it was surreal.”


Who are some of your favorite designers?

LLS: “Honestly anyone with authenticity—which, frankly, is difficult to come by in this landscape.”


What, or who, makes you cringe?

LLS: “[Italian editor] Anna Dello Russo. If you want to know why, check my Instagram.”


Which trend needs to die in 2019?

LLS: “Juuls. And Carrie Bradshaw memes…irrelevant.”


What are the most overrated and underrated parts of the fashion industry?

LLS: “Underrated: me. Overrated: certain models’ IQs. I won’t name names, but it rhymes with Schmendall Schmenner.”


What advice would you give to an inspiring street style star?

LLS: “Do less, babe.”

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