Meet ModCloth’s Unexpected New Muses

They must be cut from the same cloth. Online shopping site ModCloth has tapped self-proclaimed “fat-abulous” artists Lizzo to front a new initiative for the brand called “Say It Louder“.

“Since day one, ModCloth has championed self-expression and inclusivity, so we’re excited to announce a new series in which we spotlight modern icons who inspire us each and every day,” the brand’s site reads. “Their common mantra of ‘you do you’ reinforces a belief that serves as the basis of our brand.”

The campaign is aimed at championing females who are blazing their own trails and paving their way in the music industry. ModCloth’s other muses include musical artists Victory Boyd, Cam, and Kacy Hill. All of these women offered their advice on finding your style through embracing quirks and unique traits.

“I think that people aren’t used to seeing a girl with rolls and big arms with her arms out, and her back out, and her legs out on stage…,” said Lizzo.

Meet ModCloth’s Unexpected New Muses


“I do it because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel sexy. It makes me feel strong, and I want to show other girls, no matter how big or small you are, you can be sexy and wear whatever the *#@! you want.”

What began as a place for people to sell their vintage clothing in 2002, has become a community for creative professionals. The website’s unique business model has allowed these individuals to become their own self-made bosses by selling their designs.

It’s this entrepreneurial aspect of the site that has made ModCloth so popular. Likewise, a lot of the brands on the site have become extremely popular in their own rite.

The founders of Collectif for example, a ModCloth brand that specializes in “40’s and 50’s glamour”, have turned their love of vintage into a full-fledged business. The London-based label counts an Instagram following of almost 150k people and has earned a place as one of ModCloth’s “Designers We Adore”.

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