Megan Rapinoe Upends Everything You Thought You Knew About Summer Formalwear

What’s summer looking like for you? Weddings? Rooftop parties? Maybe you’re just a fan of upscale dressing. Whatever the case, there’s going to be an occasion (or 10) that calls for a formal look, and Megan Rapinoe has decided to steer you in the right direction (as if she hasn’t done enough already).


At last night’s ESPY Awards (which translates to Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards, in case you, like me, are chronically disinterested in the public playing of games outside of the US women’s national soccer team), the world champions stepped on stage to accept the award for Best Team amid a fierce fight for to be paid the same as the US men’s national soccer team (the latter did not receive an award). The show’s thief, however, came in the form of Rapinoe’s shirtless short suit. 


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A walking-wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen(which, in fact, did happen, only increasing Rapinoe’s street cred) the athlete’s tuxedo jacket was distinctly sexy, featuring satin lapels plunging down to her navel. But that’s not all, she paired the outerwear-sans-underwear moment with Coach pleather box shorts, and forwent heels like a boss with flat Oxford shoes and white socks. 


Megan Rapinoe Upends Everything You Knew About Summer Formalwear


Ladies, forget your floral maxis. Wave goodbye to those satin gowns. It’s even time to leave behind those ’70s-inspired special occasion jumpsuits. This is the future, and you heard it from Rapinoe first. 

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