Remember when Meghan Markle wore white pantyhose during her first week as a Duchess? If not, let us refresh your memory: that royal fashion moment was the shot heard around the world. Markle’s white pantyhose were no different than any other pair of pantyhose, but it did remind everyone that royal family members are subject to a strict dress code. Somewhere, a rumor started going around that claimed Markle had to wear pantyhose now that she’s a Duchess, however, that’s actually not true at all. Look at her outfit from last night as proof.

Prince Harry and Markle both attended a performance of the musical “Hamilton” last night. She wore a suit-dress by Judith & Charles with nary a pair of hose in sight. Some of the other antiquated “rules” that royals are supposed to follow include no nail polish and no clothing that rises above the knees, the latter of which Markle has no qualms with breaking.

“So that puts paid to all the complete rubbish ‘she has to wear tights now [that] she’s a royal’,” the Sun reporter Emily Andrews tweeted last night.

It looks like things are loosening up around Buckingham Palace. Cheers to that.

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