Meghan Markle is Releasing a Cookbook for Charity

Former food blogger and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is coming out with a cookbook titled “Together” in partnership with the Hubb Community Kitchen in London.

“Together is a cookbook, but it’s also the story of west London community who gathered together in a kitchen and discovered the healing power of food,” Duchess Markle said in a video released by Kensington Palace, referring to the Hubb Community Kitchen, with whom she’s partnering on the cookbook.

When Markle first relocated to London in January, she met a group of women whose community was impacted by the Grenfell Tower Fire, she says in the 3-minute clip. Those women formed the Hubb Community Center as a gathering place to cook and feed the people impacted by the tragic event that took place in 2017.

Due to budget restrictions, Hubb, which means “Love” in Arabic, is only able to keep the kitchen open 2 days per week at the moment. Sales of Meghan and Hubb’s new cookbook, “Together,” will help to keep the doors open as well as increase the number of days per week that they’re able to serve the community.

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