Rules, especially fashion “rules,” are meant to be broken. That’s Meghan Markle’s mantra, who’s fearlessly bucked a number of traditions in her first months as a Duchess. Whether it’s wearing nail polish or not wearing panty hose, the California native is all about staying true to her personal style (as much as she can within the confines of royal life and its many mandates). Enter her latest act of sartorial defiance: mixing black and blue.

At an event with Prince Harry, Meghan wore a navy top by Oscar de la Renta and black Altuzarra pants. Power clash! Stop the presses. Cue the gasps. Just kidding. As someone who rolled into work wearing a hoodie and no socks, I have no room to judge. In fact, I think the black and navy looks great. Perhaps I’ll try it tomorrow. Thanks for the style inspo, Meg.

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