The Met Gala After Party Outfits Were Camp, But Make It Club

When the Met Gala ends and everyone is finished being on their best Anna Wintour-approved behavior (no smoking in the bathroom, kids), the after party debauchery begins. For most attendees, this usually means an outfit change into something less gala, but mostly still on theme. This year, with attendees interpreting ‘camp’ with mostly costume-like looks, the outfits hitting the streets outside of New York’s Up and Down club were significantly less, um, camp…except for Kim Kardashian.

While Kim’s baby sister Kendall Jenner changed out of her orange feather gown and into a club appropriate white mini dress full of printed mug shots (because irony! sarcasm!), Kim opted to turn up from her crystal dripped Vogue cover cosplay. For the party, she wore a blue dress, blue boots, and a metallic silver wig giving her best Cher impression. Not shockingly, Kanye didn’t change his outfit.

Met Gala After Party Looks

Met Gala After Party Looks 1

Next up we have Hailey Bieber. On the carpet, her interpretation of the theme began and ended at a diamond thong. Her after party outfit packed the same level of campy punch with a plain white button-up and a sparkly skirt and accessories.

Met Gala After Party Looks 2

Though certainly less glam than her red carpet gown, Winnie Harlow’s leopard print unitard, corset, and boots were honestly just a good look.

Met Gala After Party Looks 3

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