Remember When Everyone Made Anna Wintour Really, Really Mad?

It was 2017. Trump was freshly elected, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were still together (while Justin Bieber was still a bachelor), Kylie Jenner was child-less, the Solange-Jay-Z elevator incident had just turned three, and Juuls were on the verge of becoming the hottest accessory since Fendi Baguette bags. In essence, everyone—celebrities and mortals alike—kind of stopped caring. Consequently, the Met Gala took us all back to high school—and on Anna Wintour’s watch, no less.


That’s right, it was the 2017 Met Gala smoking-in-the-bathroom situation. ‘Smoking,’ is an understatement. Every attendee, from Bella Hadid to Paris Jackson to Dakota Johnson, lit cigarettes and vaped to their hearts’ content and took selfies—despite Wintour’s famous ban. Many, many selfies.


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The Met board members were allegedly very, very unhappy, and took that out on Anna Wintour, who promptly snapped. Last year, Page Six reported the museum’s biggest donors definitely saw a “host of celebs messing around” with cigarettes, etc. in the women’s bathroom, so much so that “No Smoking” signs were erected in bathrooms and guards actively “sniffing for smoke” were positioned outside bathrooms. Still, this content changed lives.


Remember When Everyone Made Anna Wintour Really, Really Mad? 3Remember When Everyone Made Anna Wintour Really, Really Mad? 2

Let us pray for more illicit activity this time around.

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