From Vogue‘s relationship with Harvey Weinstein to Ilana Glazer’s firing of Broad City staffers

It’s been a truly unprecedented last two weeks for women — and men — coming forward in public and on social media with their stories of sexual assault. From many, many celebrities — Ashley Judd, Asia Argento, Angelina Jolie, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, and Gwyneth Paltrow, just to name a handful — to thousands of men and women sharing stories via the #MeToo hashtag, we’ve been inundated with allegations and accounts that largely started with this first New York Times story on October 5 about the allegations against Weinstein.

The floodgates have been opened. The AV Club has made an “incomplete, depressingly long”list of celebrity sexual assault and harassment stories here, and the Times wrote a comprehensive piece on October 16 about this watershed moment, from the first allegations to the viral #MeToo campaign. Here’s what you might have missed in the last couple of days:

1999: Miramax won 10 Oscars, and the celebrity fashion cover was born

The Cut’s Amy Larocca wrote about the history of Weinstein’s relationship with Vogue, a mutually beneficial partnership of sorts that happened in 1999 when Miramax won ten Oscars and, that same year, celebrity fashion journalism — more specifically, the celebrity fashion cover — was birthed. Then-Allure editor Linda Wells told the Times in 1999 that no one wanted to look at models on magazines anymore. This quote is particularly haunting: “A young actress who saw Harvey Weinstein in a front-row huddle with Anna Wintour knew what she risked when she rejected his revolting come-on, and it was way bigger than any single part.”

Laura Dern and her mom both say they’ve been sexually assaulted

Laura Dern told Ellen DeGeneres that she was moved to speak out about her experiences with sexual assault after speaking at the Elle Women in Hollywood event earlier this week, an event where Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon came forward with their stories. Dern’s mother, actress Diane Ladd, spoke about being a young woman in Hollywood and being sexually assaulted by former Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohn. Ladd’s experiences in the industry are what Dern credits for teaching her what to look out for.

“It was my mom who said, ‘No, no, no, Laura, that was sexual assault. That was harassment. That was assault. No, you were 14 then, you were—‘ And you realize how in our culture how we have justified and therefore even condoned behavior as though it’s the norm. And I felt very moved by people being honest and direct.”

Ilana Glazer had to fire staffers for sexual harassment

Not even the Broad City universe is exempt from creepy dudes. Ilana Glazer wrote on Instagram in her #MeToo post that she had to fire two staffers from the show she created with Abbi Jacobson. Glazer said she “fired a couple of dudes — one background actor and one sound guy,” and, when questioned about the decision, she replied “Hm, Okay yeah lemme think a sec — YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE. cuz getting sexually harassed seems to be a constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare.”

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