From the owner of Les Deux Cafés, Los Angeles’ consummate artsy celeb hangout in the ‘90s to being the muse of Rick Owens, Michele Lamy isn’t afraid of experimenting. Her latest venture combines boxing and high fashion, and we’re very much here for it.

“Boxing is fascinating… more than a sport, it’s a state of mind,” Lamy told Paper. “It’s the noble art.” In partnership with Selfridges and New York’s Overthrow Boxing Club, Lamy will launch Lamyland, a high-fashion boxing gym inside Selfridges. She’s already shown us how to throw a punch in T Magazine, so we’re into this 100 percent. Boxing has been on the radar of trendy workouts for a minute now — it’s gritty, sort of a rejection of the more sleekly designed workouts du jour, and it’s a great way to, of course, deal with some shit.

The gym will be a pop-up shop of sorts, existing for just three months in the Corner Shop of Selfridges London location. Business of Fashion reported that the impetus for the boutique gym was Sebastian Manes, buying and merchandising director (and longtime friend of Lamy’s and Owens). Accompanying the fully equipped gym will be capsule collections from Versace, Off-White, Koché, and more.

To top it all off — and to add a splash of the sport’s authenticity – Anthony Joshua and Olympic champion Nicola Adams will be making appearances. The gym might even pop up in Dubai next, if what Lamy hinted to BoF is any indication. “There’s a great boxing ring in Dubai,” she said, “and a lot of women box there.” Now that…sounds like a movie waiting to happen.

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