Did Liam Hemsworth Shut Down Miley Cyrus Breakup Rumors?

Liam Hemsworth may have shut down the Miley Cyrus breakup rumors just now. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Cyrus and Hemsworth allegedly broke off their engagement for the second time. Well, Hemsworth’s Instagram post today suggests otherwise.

Hemsworth posted a video on his Instagram story today of himself and Miley driving. The couple is riding along in their car dancing to music, before Liam scares Miley by screaming. “I’m gonna beat the shit out of you,” Miley says, holding up a fist. Liam laughs and shouts, “number one!”

As Glamour reports, a fan also spotted the couple walking around the Nashville airport yesterday. If they did break off their engagement, then they’re handling this whole “conscious uncoupling” thing very well.

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