Miley Cyrus Owned Up to Stealing Another Artist’s Work, But Is It Enough?

Another day, another artist getting called out for stealing another artist’s work. No, it’s not a Kardashian-Jenner or Virgil Abloh at the stake—this time, it’s everyone’s favorite Disney-girl-gone-rogue Miley Cyrus.


In a move for sweet poetic justice, Insta-popular baker Becca Rea-Holloway (known by her Insta handle @thesweetfeminist) called out Cyrus on Monday for copying her “ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE” cake. “It is a direct theft of my own original art work from May 2018, with no credit,” Rea-Holloway wrote. “It’s literally my exact handwriting, message, and concept. Swipe for comparison! Cake art is for everyone, but this is inexcusable.”



While most major artists decide to stay mum when they’re called out for blatantly ripping other people off without credit, Cyrus immediately came out and commented on Rea-Holloway’s post—no, not to rip her apart like she did to a music journalist mere hours beforehand, but to take credit for her actions. A celeb owning up to their mistakes? Groundbreaking.


“Hi, we saw the image online and didn’t realize it was yours,” Cyrus’s comment reads. “We will absolutely tag you for your work. This image is not on the Marc Jacobs x Planned Parenthood hoodie we made to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood which I know is also close to your heart. It is just on the post and not on the merchandise but we will absolutely tag you and give you the credit for your art. If you could please correct your post, as we’re going to make sure you have all the credit you deserve… thanks for sharing your art and inspiring us.”


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But, Rea-Holloway was not here for it. In this lengthy timeline of drama, the baker replied back to Cyrus, saying that a mere tag for her hard work doesn’t suffice and that the situation has Miley fans virtually harassing her, which can be seen on Rea-Holloway’s Instagram stories.


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The drama ensues: beauty watchdog collective Estee Laundry also decided to hop in on the dilemma via Insta stories, also lamenting Cyrus for her actions and pointing out that Cyrus’s fruit-fingering video for her latest EP, She Is Coming, was “heavily inspired” by another Insta-famous artist, Stephanie Sarley. When one of Sarley’s followers questioned her about the situation, she had this to say: “NO AND SHES DELETING COMMENTS THAT SAY MY NAME.” Yikes.


Welp, I guess she’s just bein’ Miley.

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