One of your favorite makeup lines is now 100 percent vegan. Milk Makeup announced last night they will no longer use animal products or byproducts in its makeup and will be completely vegan. The FDA hasn’t yet established a regulation for what it means to be vegan, but it generally means that a product doesn’t contain animal-based ingredients and doesn’t test on animals. Ingredients that will replace non-vegan products are natural alternatives like avocado oil and mango butter.

“When we started Milk Makeup, we all had young kids, which makes you hyper-aware of all the toxicity in the world,” Georgie Greville, co-founder and creative director who launched the brand with chief operating officer Dianna Ruth and Zanna Roberts Rassi, said on the brand’s site. “We wanted to use healthy ingredients that we felt great about, especially if our kids got their hands on the products.”

The brand had to nix some of their products in order to comply with this new change. Glitter Stick in Trance and New Wave, Hero Salve, Lip Salve, Eye Vinyl in Valet, and Eye Pigment in Peep Show will be disappearing, VegNews reported. But the fan-favorite brand is already known for its environmentally friendly and skin friendly products. Launched in early 2016, Milk is cruelty-free and, from the start, didn’t use potentially harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, talc, formaldehyde, etc.

But not all cruelty-free products are vegan. On the brand’s site, a dermatologist says, “Vegan products imply not only no testing on animals, but also no use of animal products such as milk, honey, and lanolin.” Milk Makeup isn’t the only big company to go vegan. Kat Von D, a major animal activist, has made her cosmetics 100 percent vegan, as well as Cover FX and Hourglass Cosmetics, which says it will go vegan by 2020.

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