Forget Etsy, Miu Miu Wants to Be Your Steampunk Style Guide

Just when you thought your unfortunate period of scouring Etsy for Victorian lace-up boots, ankle-length flared coats, and ruffled collars (and those goggles you thought were a cute Burning Man investment we don’t speak of) was, well, behind you, Miu Miu is here to remind you you’ll never be truly free from the time-traveler aesthetic.


While much of Paris Fashion Week has been a ‘70s revival, Miu Miu has thrown it back to roughly two hundred years ago. It’s a futuristic take on 19th century fashion for the modern career woman, with a purposeful integration ‘must cop’-worthy camo prints to make the collection a little more palatable for influencers in attendance.

Still, the occasional fur-trimmed cape and rosetted sleeves was not going to do anything less than draw gasps from the crowd; and Miu Miu were not about to try their hand at steampunk without offering their own version of goggles. The gold, glittery circle sunglasses were easily a highlight, and considering the make up agenda consisted of lightly-rimmed eyes and a natural lip, they certainly made for a was a moment to remember.


It was a definitive departure from what we’ve seen this fashion month, but not too stark a contrast from the luxurious romance of Karl Lagerfeld’s final offering for Chanel also debuting this morning. Great minds think alike, and we all love a sleeveless coat.


See the full collection here.

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