Are You Ready For A Foundation That Comes In 60 Shades?

At long last, a beauty brand has invested in doing the long-perceived impossible: a foundation that goes beyond 40 shades.


Many makeup companies that privilege pigment diversity (think Color Pop or Fenty Beauty) will be left shaking in their boots with Morphe’s launch of its Fluidity Foundation, which sells for a remarkably affordable $16. Fluidity is one of the only foundation ranges ever created that comes in 60 different colors, and is allegedly flatteringly matte—it also blends well with oil for a natural glow.



Hundreds of fans have already experimented with the product, garnering Morphe rave reviews. If you’re in need of inspiration for other wide-shade ranges, Bobbi Brown Longwear Weightless Foundation is a sure bet, as is  Maybelline’s Fit Me.


Truly doing the lord’s work.

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