7 Nail Polish Colors To Try If Coral Isn’t Your Thing

ICYMI: Pantone’s official Color of the Year for 2019 was announced back in December, and in a surprising turn of events, it was coral. If there’s one beauty trend that lends itself to  Pantone-verified hues , it’s nail art. So if you’ve been on Pinterest and Instagram lately, you’ve probably spotted a few thousand polish odes to the trend. But, there are two kinds of people in this world: Those who are pro-coral, and those who, well, aren’t.


While I love a good coral manicure, if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream but just as on-trend, try any one of these seven shades.




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The light pastel color is predicted to be one of the biggest beauty trends of 2019 for hair, but if you’re not feeling that experimental with your locks, why not try it out on your nails first?


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Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Message

$20 $10


True Yellow


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Coral a little too soft for you? Then try a more eye-catching tone, like an ultra-saturated yellow. Some may say this color should  be reserved for the warmer summer months, but we believe it has no seasonal restraints.


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Nails Inc. Gel Effect Nail Polish in Seven Dials

$15 $10.99




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As a self-admitted nudist (with my color palette, that is), this nearly-sheer color is perfect for fellow minimalists. It’s a popular color of choice and is the secret to hiding chips.


Create the look with:


Space. nk. apothecary Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer - Ghost Edit





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The effect of white nail polish is highly underrated. Use a soft eggshell for a modest look, or create a “wow” factor with a true-toned white.


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Iconic Color Nail Polish -





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Coral is basically an underplayed orange hue. Try tangerine for something a little more electrifying.


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Loubiflash Nail Colour - Crosta Meteor





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Let’s be real for a second: As warm and inviting as coral may be, it feels summer-y. For something more seasonally in-tune, opt for a toned down cool toned color, like periwinkle.


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Nails Inc. Nailpure Nail Polish in Regents Place

$15 $10.99




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We think Pantone’s 2018 pick deserves an encore performance. It was one of their best picks in years thanks to  its energetic vibe and ability to amp up even the most basic of manis.


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Nail Lacquer - African Violet


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