If Instagram had been around during the ‘80s, Nan Goldin would have been the queen of it. Her images, intensely personal and intimate, are the precursor to many photographers after her. And now, Goldin’s finally on the medium she’s credited with creating.

On December 14, the account @nangoldinstudio shared its first post — a couple in bed, warmly lit, with the caption “Joey and Andres in Hotel, Askanischer Hof, Berlin 1992.” Another image is of Goldin herself, dressed in dominatrix gear, captioned “Self portrait as a dominatrix Boston 1977 (a long time ago)”

Self portrait as a Dominatrix Boston 1977 (a long time ago)

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Last year, Goldin told the New York Times she was very apprehensive of being on social media. “I’m not responsible for anything like social media, am I? Tell me I’m not,” she said. “It can’t be true, but if it is, I feel terrible.”

But trying to resist the allure of Instagram, in spite of the fact that it can make you utterly miserable? That’s a duality we struggle with, too, Nan.

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